bond yield

the annual return on a bond (the rate of interest) expressed as a percentage of the current market price of the bond. Bonds can tie up investors’ money for periods of up to 30 years, so knowing their yield is a critical investment consideration.
Bond yield is calculated by multiplying the face value of the bond by its stated annual rate of interest, expressed as a decimal. For example, buying a new ten-year $1,000 bond that pays 6% interest will produce an annual yield amount of $60:
1,000 × 0.060 = 60
The $60 will be paid as $30 every six months. At the end of ten years, the purchaser will have earned $600, and will also be repaid the original $1,000. Because the bond was purchased when it was first issued, the 6% is also called the “yield to maturity.”
     This basic formula is complicated by other factors. First is the “time-value of money” theory: money paid in the future is worth less than money paid today. A more detailed computation of total bond yield requires the calculation of the present value of the interest earned each year. Second, changing interest rates have an impact on bond trading and, ultimately, on yield. Changes in interest rates cannot affect the interest paid by bonds already issued, but they do affect the prices of new bonds.

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